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My health and fitness coaching programs helps front line workers lose 30lbs in 120 days without worrying about complicated diets or exercise programs, spending long hours in the gym, misconceptions about how to lose weight and maintain the weight loss, so they can lose their dad bod and have the physique of their youth.

Click on the button below if you:

1. Are serious about getting back into shape and getting healthy
2. Will commit themselves to achieving their goals right now
3. Wants to work with a like minded strength coach

Do not click the button below if you:

1. Are not willing to commit the time and money into their health
2. Makes excuses about why they don't have time to workout or eat better
3. Are unwilling to make lasting changes and lifelong habits of good health

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About Me

Tyrone holds a BS in Sports and Health Sciences, a MS in Exercise Science: Human Performance, Strength Training and Conditioning, as well as a MS in Exercise Science: Nutrition and Wellness. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He is also a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, Level-1, Bioforce Certified Conditioning Coach, and a USA Weightlifting Coach. He is a retired Marine with 30 years of service. His passion for fitness began through his love for weightlifting in high school and especially through his time in the Marine Corps. His approach to strength and conditioning emphasizes age and skill level appropriate programming with a focus given to conditioning and functional strength. He is a firm believer in mobility and being flexible, as that is the key to minimizing injury and allowing you to move better. His favorite client is one that is goal oriented, has the discipline to do the work, and the willingness to change and live a healthier life.

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